Apply to Join SSL

We consider applicants for SSL on an ongoing basis.


  • You are given a problem to work on for two weeks, related to projects selected in the application form.
  • Upon completion of the challenge, you will meet with existing members of the team.
  • The interview involves a good deal of back and forth, and you may be asked to make an enhancement (with a short timeframe) to your code to assess your ability to deal with changing requirements.
  • Upon completion of the interview, you will meet with the professors and team leaders to discuss next steps.
  • Please do not enroll in independent study until you have completed the screening process.


The deadline to apply varies by semester: Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Semester Application Deadline Notification Deadline
Fall May 1 June 1
Spring November 22 December 15
Summer May 1 June 1

To apply, please fill in this Google Form.