SSL Software and Systems Laboratory

Application Process


We consider applicants for the Software and Systems Laboratory (SSL) on an ongoing basis. However, it is best to apply at the end of the Fall or Spring semester as that will put applicants in the best position to begin working on research the following semester.

Typically, applicants for SSL have completed at least two semesters of their Computer Science, Software Engineering, IT, and/or Cybersecurity major OR have completed COMP 271: Data Structures I and COMP 272: Data Structures II. Furthermore, applicants need to have strong academic merit reflected by their GPA when applying. Academic achievements such as Honors, Dean’s List, Academic Scholarships, and Fellowships, or any academic accomplishments should be provided in the application.

❗Note About GPA Requirments

While an applicant’s GPA does not determine their acceptance, we prefer to see applicants having a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher.

What Applicants Need to Do

Before applying, applicants will need:

  • To be in good standing with the Computer Science department,
  • Have a GitHub account set up,
  • Know and understand our current research projects.

After accomplishing the above tasks, applicants can apply by filling out this form.

What We Will Do

After receiving an application the advisory board of SSL will review it and determine whether or not to pursue further application steps with the applicant.

Regardless of the decision applicants will be notified via email about it as well as any further application steps that need to be taken.

❗Note About Application Questions

The application-specific questions (such as your name or academic level) do not play a role in our thought process. Such information is collected purely for record-keeping and to reach out to applicants.

Final Steps

Two meetings are conducted before one is fully accepted into SSL. The first of which is one-on-one with a researcher who has been in SSL for over three semesters. The second of which is an interview with a professor or mentor affiliated with SSL.

The first meeting is designed to see if an applicant would be a good fit for the lab. The questions that will be asked will test their character and not their knowledge of Computer Science or affiliated fields.

The second meeting is meant for the applicant to get approval from the LUC Computer Science Staff. Questions asked during this meeting, if any, will be left to the professor or mentor.

After completing both meetings, an applicant becomes a member of SSL and can begin attending research meetings as well as be officially be listed on projects on the SSL website.

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