Our current leaders list.


This page contains the current listing of SSL staff.

These members of SSL operate on the “business” side of the organization. Their jobs are varied, but they all share the same common goal of advancing SSL as one of Loyola University Chicago’s premier laboratories. In other words, they provide the leadership and direction needed to promote, grow, and improve SSL.

In the spirit of being true peers, we list all names in alphabetical order by last name.

Faculty Leadership

Student Leadership

Leadership Structure

The structure of SSL is written out in this PDF document.

This document contains all information one may need to know about the different positions and their respected roles within SSL, the organization structure, as well as the application to apply for any of the roles listed within the document.

As a fairly new organization, we are still improving how SSL operates. As such, this document is subject to change in the future, and should be referred back to after such a change is made.

Contact Email: ssl@cs.luc.edu