SSL Members


The Software and Systems Laboratory is led by a core group of computer science and interdisciplinary faculty with projects that span software engineering and computer systems. We work as peers when it comes to day-to-day life in the research group. We rely upon our current members to grow the research group to include new researchers and faculty with synergistic interests. In the spirit of being true peers, we list all names in alphabetical order by last name.

Team Members

SSL Faculty Leadership

Name Position SSL Research Projects
Neil Klingensmith Co-Director Hermes, VoltKey
George K. Thiruvathukal Director Laptop Ensemble and Software, Metrics Dashboard, Shape Analysis, Testing Effectiveness, VoltKey

SSL Affiliated Faculty

Name Position SSL Research Projects
Brook Abegaz Affiliated Faculty TBD
Eric Chan-Tin Affiliated Faculty |Autonomous Vehicle Security|
David B. Dennis Affiliated Faculty ZettelGeist
Nicholas J. Hayward Affiliated Faculty TBD
William L. Honig Affiliated Faculty |Doyle Living Systems Lab|
Konstantin Läufer Affiliated Faculty Metrics Dashboard, Testing Effectiveness
Gregory J. Matthews Affiliated Faculty Shape Analysis
David B. Wetzel Affiliated Faculty Laptop Ensemble and Software

SSL Graduate Researchers

Name Position SSL Research Projects
Sophie Von Hatten Team Lead, Software Engineer, SSL Admin Metrics Dashboard
Jack West Team Lead, Software Engineer, SSL Admin VoltKey, ZettelGeist

SSL Undergraduate Researchers

Name Position SSL Research Projects
Isaac Ahlgren Software Developer |Local Mean Curvature|, VoltKey
Emmanuel Amobi Software Developer Metrics Dashboard, ZettelGeist
Alexandra Crane Software Developer |History of Computing|
Erik Greve Software Developer Not Assigned
Collin Jones Software Developer Not Assigned
Emily Meister Software Developer Metrics Dashboard
Austin Pinderski Software Developer Metrics Dashboard
Trey Roche Team Lead, Software Developer |Color Deficiency Correction|
Stephanie Rodriquez Software Developer Metrics Dashboard
Alex Rose Team Lead, Software Engineer |History of Computing|, Metrics Dashboard
Nicholas Synovic SSL Admin, Team Lead, Software Engineer Metrics Dashboard, |Political Python|

SSL Alumni

Name Position SSL Research Projects
Shilpika Software Developer Metrics Dashboard
Riley Clarkson Software Developer ZettelGeist
Zachary Gallagher Software Developer ZettelGeist
Sean Higgins Software Developer ZettelGeist, Metrics Dashboard
Andrew Lake Software Developer Not Assigned
Jena-Luc Putter Software Developer Metrics Dashboard
Linette Maliakal Software Developer ZettelGeist
Allan Miller Software Engineer ZettelGeist, Metrics Dashboard
Iryna Motyashok Software Developer Not Assigned
Jack Narowski Software Developer Not Assigned
Daniel Palacios Software Developer Not Assigned
Morgan Richardson Software Developer ZettelGeist
Mike Robinson Software Developer Not Assigned
Jonathan Warkentin Software Developer ZettelGeist, Shape Analysis
Martin Zugschwert Software Developer Metrics Dashboard

SSL Collaborations (Argonne National Laboratory)

Name Position
Xiaoyong Jin Assistant Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory
Silvio B. Rizzi Computer Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory
Venkatram Vishwanath Computer Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory

SSL Collaborations (LSU)

Name Position
Juliet Brophy Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Louisiana State University

SSL Collaborations (Outside Ph.D. Students)

Name University
Dario J. Dematties University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nasir O. Eisty University of Alabama

SSL Collaborations (Purdue)

Name Position Research Lab
Yung-Hsiang Lu Professor of Computer Engineering at Purdue University High-Energy Low-Power Systems Laboratory

SSL Collaborations (UoA)

Name Position
Jeffrey C. Carver Professor of Computer Science at University of Alabama

Not Listed Here?

If you’re a past collaborator with SSL or one of Prof. Thiruvathukal’s earlier research groups/projects and want to be listed here, please e-mail to be added. Just because your name is not shown here doesn’t mean that your past participation is not valued, but we’d like your permission before listing you.

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Want to join us? Apply today! You may also directly inquire other core faculty and members of the research team to find out more about SSL and our projects but an application is required to be considered for membership.