The goal of VoltKey is to make deployment and maintenance of new IoT devices easy. Currently, when we install new IoT devices, we need to go through a complex process of connecting the device to the WiFi network. With VoltKey, no configuration is necessary: you just plug the new device in and it works.

VoltKey is a plug that generates USB power for IoT devices from a 120V wall outlet. It harvests entropy (noise) from the wall power and generates a unique security key that the IoT device can use to authenticate to the local WiFi network.

The main areas of focus for VoltKey are Context-Based Authentication (CBA) and applied Internet of Things (IoT). Voltkey has several branches of work that stem from the project. Moonshine is one of those projects; Moonshine is a randomness distiller for abstract noise sources for compact IoT devices. We were able to apply methods gathered from Voltkey to a new space and make improvements in randomness distillation. Voltkey explores the applicability of new algorithmic methods to generate and filter keys to be more random and more secure.


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