A Real-Time Feature Indexing System on Live Video Streams


Most of the existing video storage systems rely on offline processing to support the feature-based indexing on video streams. The feature-based indexing technique provides an effective way for users to search video content through visual features, such as object categories (e.g., cars and persons). However, due to the reliance on offline processing, video streams along with their captured features cannot be searchable immediately after video streams are recorded. According to our investigation, buffering and storing live video steams are more time-consuming than the YOLO v3 object detector. Such observation motivates us to propose a real-time feature indexing (RTFI) system to enable instantaneous feature-based indexing on live video streams after video streams are captured and processed through object detectors. RTFI achieves its real-time goal via incorporating the novel design of metadata structure and data placement, the capability of modern object detector (i.e., YOLO v3), and the deduplication techniques to avoid storing repetitive video content. Notably, RTFI is the first system design for realizing real-time feature-based indexing on live video streams. RTFI is implemented on a Linux server and can improve the system throughput by upto 10.60x, compared with the base system without the proposed design. In addition, RTFI is able to make the video content searchable within 20 milliseconds for 10 live video streams after the video content is received by the proposed system, excluding the network transfer latency.

2020 IEEE 44th Annual Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC)