The Software and Systems Laboratory is led by a core group of computer science and interdisciplinary faculty with projects that span software engineering and computer systems.

Want to join us? Apply to Join SSL today! You may also directly inquire other core faculty and members of the research team to find out more about SSL and our projects but an application is required to be considered for membership. We work as peers when it comes to day-to-day life in the research group. We rely upon our current members to grow the research group to include new researchers and faculty with synergistic interests. In the spirit of being true peers, we list all names in alphabetical order.

Core Faculty

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Loyola University Chicago

Areas: computer systems, hardware design, cybersecurity
Projects: Hermes, VoltKey
Professor of Computer Science
Loyola University Chicago

Areas: programming languages, computer systems, software engineering
Professor of Computer Science
Loyola University Chicago

Areas: parallel/distributed computing, software engineering, programming languages and systems, history of computing, computational and data science, computing education, and ethical/legal/social issues in computing, cyber-physical systems
Instructor of Computer Science and Fine/Performing Arts
Loyola University Chicago

Areas: digital music, electronic music

Affiliated Faculty

Professor of History
Loyola University Chicago

Areas: historiographic methods, cultural history, research tools
Projects: ZettelGeist
Assistant Professor of Mathematics/Statistics
Director of Data Science Program
Loyola University Chicago

Areas: data science, statistical methods
Projects: Shape Analysis


Emmanuel Amobi, Software Developer

Sean Higgins, Machine Learning

Projects: ZettelGeist
Linette Maliakal, Software Developer
Projects: ZettelGeist
Allan Miller, Software Developer/Engineering

Morgan Richardson, Front-end Developer

Projects: ZettelGeist
Jonathan Warkentin, Software Developer

Jack West, Software Developer/Engineering

Projects: ZettelGeist, VoltKey
Martin Zugschwert, Software Developer


Riley Clarkson, Software Developer

Projects: ZettelGeist
Shilpika, Software Developer and Researcher

Zac Gallagher, Software Developer

Projects: ZettelGeist



Will add Purdue, Argonne, U Alabama, and LSU collaborators shortly. Can get this from George’s pages.